Strategies for playing JetX

Every JetX strategy requires a pre-test on a demo account. This is a basic requirement. It will help separate working algorithms from knowingly losing ones. There are plenty of JetX betting tactics, let’s get to know the most common ones.

Each JetX strategy has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the models differ only in the balance between potential profit and risk. Some schemes are conservative, others involve a progressive increase in wager size. Among the gamblers, they are in demand:

  • low multiplier games;
  • games with average odds;
  • Martingale;
  • Round robin insurance;
  • Waiting for higher returns.

The models are not perfect. Each option has its own pros and cons.

Low multiplier games

This JetX strategy involves locking in your winnings when the board reaches minimum height. Some players bet auto-release at x1.35, while others take their money at x1.1 or lower. Some prefer to play around x1.50.

The tactic is often chosen by beginners as it seems the most likely. The longer the round lasts, the greater the risk of a board explosion. It is therefore more reliable to take a small profit. However, one should correlate the situation with the maths. The player needs to:

  1. Calculate the break-even point at the yield of interest. Need to use the formula T=100/K (k-coefficient).
  2. Look at iterations of the day, calculate how often the jets exploded before reaching the desired values.
  3. Compare the results obtained.
JetX low multiplier game strategy

JetX low multiplier game strategy

This JetX strategy is difficult to make profitable, as it requires a high probability of success. A fixed pot size is suggested.

Playing with average odds

The specified model is considered to be more profitable. The gambler needs to lock in his winnings when the jack reaches multipliers between 1.50 and 2.00. The balance between risk and return is ideal. The essence of the tactic is similar to the variant described earlier. A person should make fixed bets per round. The higher the multiplier, the lower the passability required.

A strategy for playing JetX with average odds

A strategy for playing JetX with average odds


The JetX strategy presented can be considered ideal in terms of balances. The model is easy to understand, suitable for beginners and experienced clients alike:

  1. Set autodetect to multiplier 2.0.
  2. Set the minimum game value.
  3. Double the iteration size when losing.
  4. Perform doubling until the winning round.
  5. Return to initial bet when winning.

Risking and starting with higher starting amounts is not a good idea. With a succession of losses, a multiple of the betting amounts will have to be made. Such values are quite comfortable. For 8 games in a row the required multiplier will fall out almost guaranteed. The player will recoup his losses and can earn 0.1 credit.

The JetX strategy presented is not suitable for large initial bets. A series of losses will force a build-up of betting sizes. However, by then, a person may be stymied by the upper limits.

JetX Martingale strategy

JetX Martingale strategy

Iteration number Rate amount, loans
1 0.1
2 0.2
3 0.4
4 0.8
5 1.6
6 3.2
7 6.4

With round insurance

The game model involves 2 bets. In the first case, you need to set the autodraw to 1.50, and in the second, to 2.00. If you win, you’ll be able to fix quite large prizes. However, in case of losses, the size of losses will grow very fast.

Strategy for playing JetX with round insurance

Strategy for playing JetX with round insurance

Increased profitability

The JetX strategy presented here is suitable for those who like big winnings. A person makes a bet and waits for multipliers of x10 or higher. The tactic is often used by high rollers. Regular players use it less often.

JetX strategy with increased returns

JetX strategy with increased returns


We recommend combining strategies to play JetX. The choice should be based on pot size, mood, and fatigue level. Sometimes you can try to catch a higher odd. In some cases, it is more convenient to spend hours on Martingale.

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