JetX rocket game - Jetix Bet 2023 review

🚀 JetX is a popular online casino type crash game about the Jetix rocket. The game is developed by SmartSoft Gaming. In this game, the player has to place a bet and collect his winnings before the plane explodes.

Once players place their bets, the plane starts to fly up and the bet multiplier increases every second. It is important to know that the Jetix plane can explode at any time. To win at JetX and not lose your bet, you must play carefully and with strategy.

In the following, we will tell you about the features and tactics of the game, so that the player understands all the risks and opportunities to win real money in JetX.

How to play JetX Rocket

JetX is very easy to play, not only for experienced players, but also for beginners. To understand the game mechanics, a beginner only needs to spend 5 minutes of time. An experienced player can start playing Jetix Bet right away.

JetX game interface

The Jetix Bet gaming interface is very simple and not overloaded with distracting details. This allows the player to concentrate fully on the game and their strategy. This is very important, as the game requires attention and concentration.

At the top of the interface are sections with the player's balance, a button to turn the sound on or off and a switch to the game rules.

Jetix Betting Balance

Jetix Betting Balance

To the left of the game window is a table showing the results of the last rounds. Multipliers below 1.50 are marked in red, higher multipliers are marked in green. The player can do the calculations, determine with what periodicity in recent times certain multipliers are rolled in.

JetX round results table

JetX round results table

At the bottom of the screen is the most important element of the game - the JetX betting field. This is where you can see:

  1. Window for entering a bet on Jetix (Betting);
  2. Window for entering a multiplier, with winnings taken automatically when it is reached;
  3. Switch for automatic betting (Auto)*;
  4. Switch to automatically set the multiplier by which the player picks up his winnings (Auto)*;
  5. The yellow button for setting a bet on JetX. After a player places a bet, it turns red with the text "Cancel" on it. This button will cancel your bet for the next round.
  6. Switches the bet amount and multiplier value for automatic winnings collection;
  7. Additional field for the second bet.

*Attention. If the switch for automatic play (Auto) is switched on, betting in a JetX game will continue as long as:

  • player will leave Jetix;
  • player will turn off the "Auto" switch;
  • player's balance will run out.
Betting field in JetX

Betting field in JetX

JetX Bet gameplay

JetX is easy to play:

1. To play the game, you must place a bet while people are boarding. You have 6 seconds to do this.

You can select the bet amount on Jetix using the "+" and "-" buttons in the game interface. After that, the yellow button labeled "Place your bet" must be pressed.

If the player wants to cancel the bet, the red "Cancel" button must be pressed before the plane takes off.

Place a bet JetX

Place a bet JetX

2. When bets are placed on the Jetix plane, it begins its flight. At this point, green numbers appear on the screen with a multiplier for players' bets. The JetX slot starts the round with a multiplier of x1.00.

Every round ends with a Jetix explosion at a random height.

Jetix rocket flight after a bet

Jetix rocket flight after a bet

Before the plane explodes, you need to take your winnings. To do this, press the green button with the amount of your winnings and the word "Collect".

Taking the JetX winnings

Taking the JetX winnings

If the player failed to collect his winnings in JetX and the plane explodes, the bet is lost.

JetX rocket explosion

JetX rocket explosion

How to play JetX for real money

To play for real money, the player needs to:

  1. Choose a casino to play at JetX.
  2. Our website has a list of reliable casinos with nice bonuses for players. You have to choose your favourites and go to them.
  3. Login to your casino account or take a quick registration on the website.
  4. New players get welcome bonuses from the casino to play JetX and other games.
  5. Make the first deposit you will need to play for real money in JetX.
  6. Find JetX in a casino and start playing.

How to play for real money JetX Bet

On our website you can find a list of trusted casinos to comfortably play JetX in your country. If you already have a casino account don't worry. The different bonuses are available for already existing players as well. Read the "Promotions" section.

How to play the JetX demo

In this case, the player needs:

  1. Go to your favourite casino site. You can choose from any of those listed on our website. These are reliable online casinos with free play options at JetX.
  2. Find a game in the catalogue. You can do this by using the search form by game name.
  3. Depending on the casino chosen, press the "Demo" button or click on the game image.
  4. Enjoy playing for virtual money. The virtual balance will be enough to test your strategies or make you feel comfortable spending time.

Why play the demo version?

The JetX demo version is great for new players to understand the game's controls and interface. Experienced players usually use the demo game to practice and test new or existing strategies.

You can find out more about the most popular playing strategies below.

How to win lots of money at JetX

There is only one way to win a lot of money in the game - by taking more risks. But be careful, it is very dangerous, as you can lose a large amount of money in a short time.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you must try to increase volatility as much as possible.

The most effective way to win a lot of money is trying to lose faster. That's how the RTP works - you lose money with each bet as you play longer.

If you play for a long time, you need to reduce your betting total as much as possible. If you try to lose your budget with the minimum number of bets and the RTP doesn't change, you may grow the chance of making a lot of money on a bet.

JetX game features

Vendor: Smartsoft Gaming
Premiere: 24.01.2019
Type: Crash Games
Genre: Arcader
Objects: Plane, Rocket, Jet
Language: English
Related games: Aviator
RTP: 97%
Maximum winnings: 30 000
Minimal bet: 0.1
Maximal bet: 600
Promocode: for 1win "JETIXBET"
Features & Bonuses: Explosive mechanics, Jackpot
Mobile version: Yes
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game size: 10.5 MB
Table of JetX game features from 15.01.2023

On our website you can find reviews and strategies not only about JetX, but also about other interesting games you might like.

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Game strategies

There are a huge number of strategies for playing JetX. Most of them have been taken from similar games that were popular before. This list of strategies for playing Jetix is great for new and experienced players too.

🚀 The Martingale strategy for JetX

This strategy for playing JetX can be considered ideal in terms of balances. The strategy is very simple for any players to understand.

The essence of the strategy is following:

  1. Set automatic betting withdrawal to multiplier 2.0.
  2. Put the minimum value of your allowable bet.
  3. Double your bet when you lose.
  4. Increase Bet Jetix to the winning round.
  5. Set the starting bet when you win.
  6. Repeat.

🔔 Advice:

Before using this strategy, you need to correctly assess your finances and calculate your bet. Better not start with big bets so as not to lose all your money before winning.

The Martingale strategy for JetX

The Martingale strategy for JetX

🚀 The Reverse Martingale Strategy for JetX

This game strategy is very similar to the previous one. Its point is to double the bet after each win. Read more:

  1. Set automatic betting withdrawal to multiplier 2.0.
  2. Set the minimum value of your allowable bet.
  3. If you lose, set the same bet.
  4. Double your bet when you win.
  5. Repeat.

🔔 Advice:

The Reverse Martingale strategy is considered to be less costly and risky, which may be a good strategy for new players.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy for JetX

The Reverse Martingale Strategy for JetX

🚀 Low multiplier play strategy

This JetX strategy involves locking the winnings when the plane reaches minimum height. The minimum value for setting the withdrawal in the game is x1.35.

To play Jetix by strategy, you must:

  1. Set withdrawal to a low coefficient (less than x1.5).
  2. Set a fixed bet for each round.

🔔 Advice:

The tactic is often chosen by beginners, as it seems low-risk. But don't expect high winnings with this strategy. A low multiplier strategy can be very boring.

Low multiplier play strategy

Low multiplier play strategy

🚀 Playing strategy with average multipliers

This strategy is considered by many players to be one of the most profitable. It does not differ much from the strategy of playing at low multipliers. The essence of the strategy is as follows:

  1. Set withdrawal to a medium coefficient (x1.50 to x2.00).
  2. Set a fixed bet for each round.

🔔 Advice:

The strategy has more risk than the previous one. It is necessary to assess your chances correctly and choose a proper bet size.

Playing strategy with average multipliers

Playing strategy with average multipliers

🚀 Playing strategy with round insurance

This strategy is a combination of the previous two and has more risks. To play this strategy, you need to

  1. Set the first field to withdraw the bet automatically at a low coefficient (less than x1.5).
  2. Set the second field to withdraw the bet automatically at the average coefficient (x1.5 to x2.0).
  3. Set a fixed bet in two fields.

🔔 Advice:

If you win, you will be lucky to get a big win. But many defeats in a row will make more losses.

Playing strategy with round insurance

Playing strategy with round insurance

🚀 Playing strategy of waiting for high multipliers

This strategy is very risky, but can make very big winnings. This tactic is often used by highrollers and is unpopular among regular players. Its idea is as follows:

  1. Set a bet at high multipliers (x10 or more).
  2. Set a fixed bet.

🔔 Advice:

This strategy should be abandoned if you do not have a lot of money that you can allow yourself to lose. Strategy is VERY RISKY.

Playing strategy of waiting for high multipliers

Playing strategy of waiting for high multipliers

🚀 Playing strategy from parents

The best and safest strategy you can hear from your parents. To avoid losing money, don't play JetX and other gambling games for real money.

And if you really want to, you can play the JetX demo.

🔔 Advice:

Listen to your parents.

TOP casinos to play online

Casino bonuses for playing

Almost all online casinos offer certain bonuses for new and current players. Detailed information about all bonuses can be found on the casino's website in the Promotions section.

The most common bonus for playing Jetix is multiplying a player's first deposit by 100, 200 or even 500%. Also, many casinos offer their players a cashback programme, which saves them money.

In addition, as a gift for registering or making a first deposit, a new player can get freespins for other games. Check out the popular games in the catalogue and you'll find some interesting ones.

Casino bonuses for playing

Casino bonuses for playing

JetX game reliability

The Jetx game uses Probably Fair technology. Most of the licensed online casinos use this technology to guarantee fair play. This system ensures that the chances of winning a game are random and can be checked at any time.

Important to know:

Probably Fair ensures that there is no interference in the results of the game by the owners or administrators of the site and casino.

Round results in JetX are generated by the players who take part in the game. The winning percentage depends on all the players who place a bet.

Probably Fair in JetX

Probably Fair in JetX

JetX Predictor Hack

There are many offers on the internet with game hacks or betting predictors. These offers should be avoided as most of them are focused on stealing user data.

In addition, the use of any third-party software is prohibited by casino rules and may block your account completely, with no possibility of withdrawal.

There are also a lot of scammers offering betting predictions on JetX. As Probably Fair is implemented in the game, any betting prediction and win guarantee is a scam.

❗❗❗ Be careful and don't believe any promises of big winnings in a short time.

Download JetX mobile app

There are several options for downloading the JetX mobile app to iOS and Android mobile devices:

  • search for a mobile app in the AppStore or PlayMarket;
  • searching for the installation file on other websites;
  • installation of a mobile app for the online casino.

The variant of installing a mobile casino app with JetX is the most secure. This way you can comfortably play not only Jetix, but also other games. You will also have access to a huge catalogue of games to play safely for real money or in a demo version.

Look for the mobile casino app with JetX on their official websites. If you can't find it yourself, don't despair and write to the tech support chat.

Installing the mobile app requires additional space on your smartphone and can spend a lot of time.


The JetX game and casino websites are perfectly optimised for mobile devices. You only need a browser to play comfortably.

Download the JetX mobile app for iOS and Android

Download the JetX mobile app for iOS and Android


Jetix Bet is another quality game of the explosive simulator genre. There's nothing revolutionary about it, but Smartsoft Gaming have tried to make it fun.

The success JetX has reached shows us that they have succeeded in their mission. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of playing the Jetix little aeroplane.


  • Easy and complete betting control on Jetix.
  • Ability to use a large number of strategies.
  • Simple rules.
  • Beautiful and nice graphics.
  • Possibility to automate the game (betting, withdrawal of winnings).
  • Availability of a second betting field
  • Availability of online-chat for player communication.
  • Optimised for mobile devices.
  • Demo version.
  • Provably Fair protection technology.
  • Round history for betting analysis.


  • The minimum multiplier for auto-withdrawal is x1.35.
  • It's hard to understand how to check the JetX game using Provably Fair.
  • A large number of game analogues.

JetX is an excellent example of quality crash simulation. Jetix Bet will appeal to a lot of players of all levels and ages. It's fun to play, even in demo mode and for real money.

The editorial team at JetixBet recommends JetX for the game.

JetX game reviews

Average rating: 4.9 stars (based on 96 votes)

JetX is an amazing slot! While I was waiting for Funky Time from Evolution Gaming to be released in the casino, I spent many hours playing it. But I'm not going to give it up.

The JetX game is much more interesting if you use strategies. The JetixBet website has helped me understand them and I now approach my betting game smarter.

JetX turned out to be fun even without playing for real money. I'm currently practicing in the demo version. I've already learned some strategies on my own, and I'm thinking of trying to play for real money soon.

The JetixBet website has helped me learn a lot about my favourite crash simulation.

The JetX game is really cool! I have an old smartphone, which is poorly suited to modern games. But Jetix's little plane doesn't even slow down for me. Now I spend a lot of my free time in it.

I'm in love with aviation simulators. JetX is now my favourite game

Jetix Bet is a real explosion! The game gives you more adrenaline than any other game. The feeling of winning big money is impossible to convey. SmartSoft Gaming is as good as ever!

JetX has become my favourite game of the aviation genre. The nice graphics and music allow me to relax and enjoy the game.

JetX gives you a lot of emotions. When you play JetX for real money, you get a lot of different emotions. But as with any game, you always need to stay calm so you don't lose, make money. Stay in control, keep to the strategy and you will win it all.

If you're a beginner, don't pass up JetX. This game makes it very easy to learn basic strategies, as it has simple rules and easy controls. It's also very pretty!

This is the first game in which I earned a lot of money! Of course, at first I lost a lot and acted impulsively. But when I read the strategies and switched off my emotions, things started to work out much better.

I really enjoyed playing JetX for real money. I like to take risks and play for big sums, that way I get more emotion out of the game. But I wouldn't advise players to take my example.
A great way to have a good time. For all its simplicity, JetX is a very entertaining game. Personally, I always find it more interesting to play for real money rather than the demo version. With a small deposit you can spend quite a lot of time in the game and, sometimes, even multiply it.

I had never gambled before and JetX was my first real money game. I always thought that casinos only had roulette and cards. It was a big surprise to discover interesting games like Jetix Bet.

Started playing JetX back when it came out and have tried many strategies. I didn't expect to find anything new and useful on this site. The website is very cool and useful for JetX.

JetX is a great game, never seen such game mechanics. I love that I can get my winnings before the plane explodes!

I've been familiar with JetX for a long time, but finding a good online casino to play Jetix has never happened for me. I was pleasantly surprised by a collection of the online casino sites on this site, they really treat their players well and pay out winnings.

I am really excited about being able to automate my strategies in JetX. I love maths and I test many strategies, including the ones I come up with for real money games myself.

I really enjoyed playing JetX, especially Pin-Up Casino and 1win. These sites work very well for me and the game does not slow down. For playing from a smartphone this is very important. So I recommend both the game and these casinos to everyone!

Jetix may seem like a boring game at first glance, but interest awakens after a few flights. But particularly emotional people should be cautious. The game's strategies may not always work, and the plane explodes almost immediately after flight. Be prepared, it's very annoying.

Jetix Bet is a great game for beginners and pros alike. The JetiX game is reliable, checked with special software all the action on the developer's server.

I have over 3 years experience playing explosive sims. I use different strategies to play JetX, and have tried many. Won and lost a lot of money. I would like to give a small warning. Never use cheaters programs and betting predictors - it's all cheating.
4,9 stars

FAQ - popular questions about JetX

✅ How to play Jetx for free?

To play for free, you need to go on the casino website and find JetX game. Then you will have the option to play for free with a virtual balance.

✅ Can I play Jetx on mobile devices?

Yes, players can bet on mobile devices. The game is available for Android and iOS. In addition, you can play JetX in your mobile phone in the browser.

✅ Is JetX reliable?

Yes, JetX is protected by Provably Fair. Don't trust scammers and play at licensed casinos.

✅ How is Jetix Bet winnings calculated?

Winning amount is the amount of your bet, which is multiplied by the resulting multiplier. For example, the player made a bet of $10, took his winnings at a multiplier of x3.0, so the winnings amount is $30.

✅ How to get a JetX jackpot?

Джекпот в JetX разыгрывается случайным образом среди всех игроков сделавших ставку больше 1 доллара и получивших множитель больше x1.5.

✅ How to play JetX plane?

To understand the rules of Jetix Bet, check out our article or the rules section inside the game. The rules of the game are very simple.

✅ What is JetX?

The JetX game is an online simulation of a flight crash. Players' challenge in Jetix Bet is betting on a round and taking their winnings out before the plane explodes.

✅ Should I follow strategies in Jetx?

Following strategies is not necessary, but it is very useful. Playing without a strategy can make big losses.

✅ How do I win a lot of money at JetX?

To win the game, you'll need the right strategy, attention, calmness and a bit of luck. You don't need to start playing for money right now, you can try to win in the JetX demo version.

✅ Is hacks and predictors of winnings at Jetx worth trusting?

Should I trust hackers and predictors of winnings for Jetx?

✅ How much money do I need to start playing JetX for real money?

Depending on the casino you choose, the amount of your starting deposit to play at JetX may vary. A $10 deposit is usually enough to start playing.

✅ How can I withdraw my winnings?

Each online casino's method of withdrawing your winnings may vary. Most of the time, all you need to do is go to your profile and click the withdrawal button. If you have any difficulty with this, the casino support team will be happy to help you.

✅ How much money can I win at JetX?

There is no maximum amount you can win. You can win as much money as you can. But remember, you need a good strategy and luck to do this. Don't look at gambling as a way of making money on a regular basis.

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