Lucky Jet - play for money at 1win

🚀The online game Lucky Jet has been a real discovery for many players from different countries at 1win Casino. Lucky Jet is a new take on popular games like Aviator, JetX and many others.

In this review, we'll look at what has caused such a stir and why Lucky Jet Joe is becoming more and more popular by the day. In addition, we'll answer any questions newbies and experienced players may have, as well as look at real people's reviews of the Lucky Jet game.

Lucky Jet Joe

Short description of the Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet is a classic crash simulator with a brand new independent winning algorithm that guarantees the reliability of the game and eliminates any possibility of cheating. As with other popular crash simulators, your winnings depend entirely on your intuition, your choice of strategy and your ability to follow it.

In terms of new features and game mechanics, it didn't bring anything new. But it's always nice to try something new, with an updated interface, quality graphics and an enjoyable Lucky Jet Joe character.

The main features of the slot are as follows:

Flight of the Lucky Jet on multiplier x16

Min. bet: 0.1$
Max. bet: 1000$
RTP: 97%
Max. number of bets per round: 2
Rounds history: 40 rounds (last rounds)
Pause between rounds: 5 sec.
Initial coefficient: x1.0
Protection technology: Provably Fair
Lucky Jet Slot Features as of 21.02.2023

Lucky Jet's advantages over other crash simulators

Some of the main reasons why Lucky Jet and its protagonist Joe are so popular over other simulators are the following:

  1. Lucky Jet is a brand new game in the globally acclaimed crash-simulator genre. The new interface, pleasant graphics and beloved mechanics can't leave fans indifferent.
  2. The odds of winning in Lucky Jet are increased to 200 and can occur quite frequently. Such numbers are impossible for players to get past, but many remain very unhappy with the frequency of the rolls, which depend solely on chance.
  3. Players previously unfamiliar with crash simulators remain enthralled by the now-classic mechanics. You are in complete control of the game and can withdraw your bet at any time.
  4. Like other crash simulators, Lucky Jet has the potential to thrill and excite the player. Anyone who wants to tickle their nerves, feel real excitement and increase the adrenaline level in their blood is sure to be pleased.

As you can see, the game does not revolutionise the genre with new mechanics or features. To gain popularity, it was enough just to make a classic crash simulator with features already known and loved by players. The developers of Lucky Jet have done an excellent job of this.

How do I play Lucky Jet at 1win Casino?

Lucky Jet is easy to play and is easy to understand, even for the newcomer to crash simulators. Experienced players will even be able to learn the ins and outs of the game straight away.

The process of the game is as follows:

  1. Determining your own gambling strategy and the amount you can play for;
  2. Switching to the Lucky Jet game;
  3. Set a comfort bet in one or two betting windows;
  4. Waiting for the current round to end;
  5. Pressing the "Bet" button between rounds;
  6. Pressing the "Take Back" button at the moment when your chosen strategy or intuition tells you to take your winnings;
  7. The start of a new round.

If the player fails to collect his bet before the word 'Gone' appears, the bet is forfeited and a new round begins. As time in the game runs out in seconds, it is important to act quickly and clearly. Stay calm and concentrate on the game.

If you are having difficulty withdrawing your winnings quickly from Lucky Jet at 1win Casino, you can use the automatic mode. In automatic mode, your bets and withdrawals will be made according to your exact rules and strategy, making it impossible for you to withdraw your winnings in time.

Lucky Jet game interface

  1. The Lucky Jet betting field
  2. Rate multiplier in the round
  3. Table of players
  4. Lucky Jet's rounds history

Lucky Jet demo game at 1win

As there is no Lucky Jet demo mode at 1win Casino, the player must go through the registration process and make a deposit. If this is not done, the game can only be watched in spectator mode.

However, if you need to learn new strategies and hone them in the free version of the game, you can test them in similar games, such as:

  • JetX;
  • Aviator;
  • Space XY, etc.

Lucky Jet multiplier on x54 Lucky Jet multiplier on x54

Top 6 popular Lucky Jet strategies

Among most Lucky Jet betting strategies, there are six basic strategies. They can be used with each other and combined to make completely new ones. Try, experiment, and catch your luck by the tail.

1. Low multiplier strategy 🚀

In this strategy for Lucky Jet, the player needs to take his winnings at the lowest height that Joe can reach . To do this, you need to keep a close eye on the game and withdraw your bet at multiplier values below x1.40. For the player's convenience, there is an option to set an automatic wager withdrawal at the correct multiplier.

In short:

  1. Set the automatic betting output using this button (set multiplier from x1.1 to x1.4).
  2. Place a bet on Joe's next flight at Lucky Jet.
  3. Keep an eye on the game.

🔔 Advice for new players:

This strategy is great for newcomers to crash games. But you have to be prepared for a very long game duration. Because of the large number of rounds and low winnings, it can get boring.

Low multiplier strategy for Lucky Jet

Low multiplier strategy for Lucky Jet

2. Average odds strategy 🚀

The most optimal strategy in terms of interest and winnings. This strategy is very similar to the previous one and has only one difference. In this scheme, the player needs to withdraw his bet when the multiplier in Lucky Jet game reaches x1.4 to x2.0.

A little instruction:

  1. Set up automatic betting output with this button (set multiplier from x1.4 to x2.0).
  2. Place a bet on Joe's next flight at Lucky Jet.
  3. Keep an eye on the game.

🔔 Advice for new players:

The strategy is also suitable for beginners, but more risky.

Average odds strategy

Average odds strategy

3. Game strategy with round insurance 🚀

This strategy combines the previous two strategies simultaneously. To play Lucky Jet using this strategy, the player must place two bets simultaneously, on low odds (x1.1 to x1.4) and on medium odds (x1.4 to x2.0).

Procedure for the game:

  1. In one betting window, set the odds from x1.1 to x1.4 (low).
  2. In another window, set the coefficient from x1.4 to x2.0 (average).
  3. Bet on Lucky Jet in both betting windows.
  4. Keep an eye on the game.

🔔 Advice for new players:

This strategy is highly dependent on luck and can bring big winnings as well as quick losses. Recommended for players who are already familiar with previous strategies.

Game strategy with round insurance

Game strategy with round insurance

4. The classic Martingale strategy 🚀

One of the most favourite strategies among a large number of players. It is both fun to play and has the potential for big winnings. It is more difficult to understand and requires more player involvement than previous strategies.

Step-by-step instructions for playing Martingale at Lucky Jet:

  1. The multiplier for automatic winnings withdrawal is set at a comfortable multiplier (e.g. x2.0 to x4.0).
  2. A bet is made in a comfortable amount (e.g. 5% of the player's balance).
  3. If the round is lost, the bet must be doubled. Multiply the bet until the winning round.
  4. After the winning round in Lucky Jet, set your initial bet.
  5. Follow the game carefully and stick to the strategy.

🔔 Attention new players:

Do not start out with very high stakes, lest you spend your balance before you can win a round. The betting amount must be calculated correctly.

5. Reverse Martingale 🚀

The strategy is very similar to the classic Martingale, but it is the exact opposite.

A short description of the strategy:

  1. The multiplier for automatic winnings withdrawal is set at a comfortable multiplier (e.g. x2.0 to x4.0).
  2. A bet is made in a comfortable amount (e.g. 5% of the player's balance).
  3. If the round is lost, the bet amount DOES NOT CHANGE.
  4. After the winning round at Lucky Jet, double your bet.
  5. Follow the game carefully and stick to the strategy.

🔔 Attention new players:

Unlike the classic Martingale strategy, this strategy has less risk. It is much more difficult to make a mistake with the bet size in this strategy and it may be suitable for new players.

6. High roller strategy 🚀

This strategy is the simplest, but the riskiest of all. Nevertheless, a lot of players choose it because of the possibility of very large winnings. High rollers are players who place big bets at very high odds.

It keeps it simple:

  1. Place a high bet and wait for Joe to go as high as possible and reach odds above x10 or more.
  2. Taking off a huge gain when it is reached.

🔔 Advice for all players:

If you choose this strategy be prepared to lose very quickly or win big. It's all down to luck.

High roller strategy

High roller strategy

Download Lucky Jet on iOS or Android

Before downloading the app, remember that the game is perfectly optimised for all devices. You only need the browser of your computer or smartphone to start playing.

However, if you're thinking about downloading Lucky Jet for iOS and Android, you have a few options:

  • Find Lucky Jet in the AppStore or PlayMarket;
  • Find the installation file on a third-party website (this may not be safe);
  • Download a betting shop or casino app where gaming is available.

The latter option is the safest and most promising. With a well optimised app and plenty of other games, you can always pass the time not only with Lucky Jet, but also with many other interesting games.

Find a secure mobile casino app on the official websites. The link to download it is always in a prominent place or in the information section.

Download Lucky Jet Download Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet predictor hack and signals

For all popular games there are always many offers with various game hacks, betting predictors, telegram alerts. Remember that they are all aimed at cheating the player and getting their own benefit.

Also, if you use unlicensed software to play the game, be prepared for a possible total blocking of your account. In this case, your account will be blocked and the funds in your account will be frozen.

The Probably Fair system ensures that the outcome of the game is completely unpredictable. Any suggestion of hacking the game or predicting bets is cheating.

Be careful and don't let yourself be fooled.

Lucky Jet predictor hack and signals Lucky Jet predictor hack and signals

Is Lucky Jet reliable or is it a scam?

The reliable and cheat-free gaming experience at Lucky Jet is provided by the renowned Probably Fair security system. It provides complete transparency of the game and guarantees the player complete randomness of the results. You can check this information about any round at any time with a single click.


In addition to the possibility of outside hacking, Probably Fair gives the player a guarantee that the casino itself or its owners cannot tamper with the results of the game.

The results of all rounds in the game are generated randomly from the number of participants in that round.

Casino 1win brief description

Bookmaker and casino 1win appeared in 2018 and has established itself in the market as a very reliable organisation with a user-friendly website. In addition to Lucky Jet, there are a huge number (more than 10,000) of other interesting games, online casinos, sports betting and much more.

Like the Lucky Jet game, the 1win betting company is certified and is an official organisation. Important information about the BK is summarised in the table. License to operate 1win: 8048/JAZ2018-040, Antillephone NV, Curacao.

The casino has the ability to deposit more than 50 types of currencies. The minimum game deposit starts at a very small amount - 100 roubles is enough to start a game at Lucky Jet.

The minimum bet in the game is 10 roubles!

Lucky Jet 1win bonuses and promo codes

The main bonuses available at 1win Casino to play at Lucky Jet are:

  • Classic first deposit bonuses. The player receives a bonus in the form of an additional 500% first deposit bonus and can bet immediately.
  • Cashback programme. It does not require anything from the player, it is connected automatically.

1win first deposit bonus promo code to play at Lucky Jet: JETWIN500

Deposit and withdrawal methods at Lucky Jet

Since the official 1win casino only gives players the option to play for real money, it is important to understand how you can add money to your game balance.

The casino offers the possibility to make deposits in more than 50 currencies. The list of currencies and deposit methods depends on the player's country. For example, the player's balance in Russia can be topped up using:

  • VISA or MasterCard bank card;
  • Google Pay;
  • Various electronic wallets;
  • Cryptocurrency transfers: Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and others;
  • Vouchers;
  • And others.

There is a separate limit on the minimum payment amount for each of the top-up methods.

There is also a limit to the amount of winnings that can be withdrawn for each of the deposit methods. The minimum amount is most often 1,500 roubles. The maximum withdrawal amount varies from 15000 roubles to 665000 roubles.

Get the latest and most up-to-date information on the official 1win website in the top-up section.

Lucky Jet player reviews at 1win

Average rating: 4.9 stars (based on 57 votes)

I've been playing Lucky Jet slot since its release and it never fails to impress me. Unlike other crash simulators, the graphics are top notch. But the game itself has the classic and beloved mechanics.
LuckyJet is a very cool game for a beginner, everything is very easy to understand. And the graphics demand separate praise.
The multipliers in this game are a cannon. Either I've gotten so lucky, or there really is a completely different system for getting the multipliers.
I love to spend time at Lucky Jet sometimes, throw in small amounts and just relax. But a couple of times I've even managed to finish the game with a very big plus.
As an Aviator fan, I really enjoyed this modern interpretation. Past games eventually get boring and need a fresh breath of air. Lucky Jet has become just such a breath of air.
Super game, especially liked the drawing of Joe a lot.
Nothing out of the ordinary, a classic crash simulator. But there's nothing wrong with that either - a new picture and old mechanics is always a successful game.
Almost accidentally found this game when I was looking for another crash. I realised from the very first minutes that it had become my favourite 1win game.
It's amazing how strategies from other crash sims take on new colours in Lucky Jet. It's much more fun to play with low odds and other strategies that looked boring.
If you're not yet tired of take-off simulators, this newcomer is definitely the best representative of the genre. Lucky Jet - I recommend it to everyone.

Featured questions

✅ How do I find Lucky Jet in 1win?

To quickly find a game in the catalogue, you can use the search form. Enter the name of the Lucky Jet game and click on the game image that appears.

✅ Is Lucky Jet cheating?

Provably Fair's protection system ensures that the game is unbiased and that the results cannot be tampered with by others. All round results are completely random and verifiable.

✅ Which other casinos have Lucky Jet?

The official Lucky Jet game can only be found at bookmaker and online casino 1win.

✅ How do I win at Lucky Jet?

To win in Lucky Jet, you need to correctly assess your betting amounts and choose the appropriate strategy. Act wisely and don't let your emotions get the better of you. Luck is sure to smile.

✅ What strategy should I choose to play Lucky Jet?

It is best to choose a strategy based on your gambling experience and the size of your balance. If you are a beginner, a low multiplier strategy is the best way to familiarise yourself with the game.

✅ How do I register to play at Lucky Jet?

To register, go to the official 1win website and fill in the form. If you have closed the form, the button for registration can be found in the top right corner of the 1win website.

✅ What is the game JetX?

JetX is an online plane crash simulator. The objective of Jetix Bet is to bet a round and withdraw your winnings before the plane explodes.

✅ How do I withdraw money?

To withdraw your winnings at 1win, simply go to withdrawal, choose the option that suits you and order a withdrawal. You will soon have your winnings in your account.

✅ How do I deposit?

To make a deposit to play at Lucky Jet you need to go to your personal 1win Casino account and click the deposit button. After that you should choose the most comfortable option and follow further instructions of the payment system.

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