Download JetX: download methods for iOS and Android

Every customer without exception can download JetX and play it on their phone at any convenient time. Provider SmartSoft Gaming has adapted the game for mobile devices based on Android and iOS. The simulation is built using HTML5 technology. It provides a fast start-up, reliable operation even on older devices. Let’s find out how the owners of different devices should proceed.

How to download JetX to smartphones

SmartSoft Gaming has not released a separate client for mobile devices. In other words, players will have to install their favourite casino app to download it. The JetX App can be delivered on both Android and iOS gadgets. Let’s talk briefly about the installation methods for each variant separately.

Downloading the game on iOS

Owners of iOS devices in the case of the said simulation are quite lucky. Apple has not made stringent casino requirements, and companies are free to host the app in the public domain. In order to download, the client needs to:

  1. Open the AppStore.
  2. Enter the name of your favourite casino in the search box.
  3. Download the app using the standard procedure.

After that, all that remains is to log in to your account, find a slot and start playing. The JetX App does not feature a set of stringent requirements. Often, casino software can be delivered to devices with iOS 9.0 and above. In other words, it is even possible to use the software on an iPhone 6.

Downloading on Android

Conducting a download is realistic on Android devices as well. There are no offers to download casino software on Google Play. The app shop prohibits the placement of relevant software. That’s why you have to use the mobile version of the site:

  1. Go to the casino portal.
  2. Find Download JetX button, download application or similar (company names may vary).
  3. Confirm JetX APK download (file name may also vary depending on the casino).

You must then proceed with the installation. The procedure is step-by-step and on average takes no more than a minute:

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Find the Security sub-section.
  3. Allow third-party products to be installed.
  4. Launch the download folder.
  5. Click on JetX APK file.
  6. Confirm the application installation.

You can download JetX without any problems, as the company does not require additional permissions. Access to the camera or contact list does not have to be granted.

Find Download JetX button

If you don’t want to download

It is also possible to play Planeswalker without downloading a third-party client. For example, a person can bet in the mobile version of the slot. The game is optimised for different devices. The redesign helps to run the program on smartphones with different screen diagonals. The game detects the dimensions on its own, adapting to their value.

JetX is worth downloading for a number of other benefits. These can be presented in a small comparison table.

The bottom line is that there is more upside for the individual. This is why we advise downloading the software rather than using the adaptive version of the portal.

Criterion Mobile version JetX APP
Fast access +
Saving of traffic when in use +
Saves battery life when in use +

Comparing the app and the website

Some players are afraid to download JetX to their phones because they fear the functionality of the slot will change. There’s no need to worry about that. SmartSoft Gaming guarantees high quality service delivery. The company does not change the algorithm, the level of profitability remains at the same values. Customers can use the game tactics already developed once.

The app provides 24/7 access to the slot. Carrying a laptop around all the time is inconvenient. Your phone, on the other hand, is with you around the clock. So it is possible to play in traffic, on the way to work, in the office. Usage scenarios are limited only by a person’s imagination.

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