JetX free demo – 3 reasons to play

Provider SmartSoft Gaming allows all users to play JetX for free. The firm distributes a basic and a demo version of the game. However, some casinos do not place a test period. The companies offer to wager real money right away. Let us tell you how to play in the demo and why this version is necessary.

How to play a demo version of JetX

Most casinos have a slot demonstration available to registered users and guests. In other words, any person without exception will be able to assess the possibilities of the game. To run the simulation, you must:

  1. Open the website of the casino of interest.
  2. Find a JetX game. It is more convenient to search by name. Some companies also allow you to sort emulators by manufacturer.
  3. Hover your cursor over the emulator picture, select “Play for free”. Sometimes casinos use “Demo” or “Demo” to indicate a test period.
  4. Wait for the game to start, make a bet.

The visual component is almost 100% the same. The demo account will have DMOs next to the currency designation.

Balance in the dismountable version of the JetX game

Balance in the dismountable version of the JetX game

Why play the JetX demo

It may seem that only people who don’t spare their own time play JetX for free. In part, this view is not far from the truth. Sometimes gamblers use the demonstrations for their usual pastime. Most of the clients are solving practical problems:

  1. Getting to know the slot. A test period allows one to evaluate the game’s possibilities without spending a single penny. A person will be able to see the payout mechanics, gameplay, design quality and music accompaniment. 
  2. Developing a betting strategy. Demonstrations allow a person to create game tactics. The client can test different options without incurring real expenses.
  3. Testing the strategies in action. You do not have to create a profitable tactic from scratch to be in the black. You can use ready-made solutions. There are many options, but the models often differ in certain specifics. A tactic ideal for one gambler becomes unprofitable for another. Problems arise because of the difference in temperament, the size of the initial pot. It is worth playing JetX for free to test the found scheme on your own example.

That is, betting in a demonstration no longer becomes such an aimless activity. It helps people save money, potentially increasing their earnings.

Features of the JetX demo version

Slot provider SmartSoft Gaming has a number of distinctive features. Some of them also apply to the demo version of the application. The most important of these are two things.

You can play JetX for free from any device. The company has made trials for the desktop version of the website and the mobile app. If necessary, it is also possible to enter the trial period from the adaptive casino portal. The software is based on modern HTML5 technology. It guarantees a fast start-up even on slow internet connections.

It is also worth considering the identity of the algorithms. The gameplay takes place on SmartSoft Gaming’s server hardware. The random number generator works on the same principle as in the case of the main version. The returns to users are 100% the same. This eliminates the risk of data correction. Let’s present all the data in the corresponding table for comparison.

Comparison criterion Demo Basic Version
Currency Casino Credits Account Currency
RTP 97% 97%
Main functionality Identical Identical
Design DMO prefix in front of currency Basic

Demo version of the JetX game


Playing the JetX demo for free is only interesting at first. Gradually, a person will get bored with the casino’s ‘funnies’. The player will want to earn real money, as a result of which he will start acting more risky. The demo is a great way to get started. However, real prizes with its help is not to be dreamed of.

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