How to play JetX: a detailed guide to the slot

In the JetX review, we mentioned several working strategies. There are other options as well.

It doesn’t take long to figure out how to play JetX. SmartSoft Gaming has made the slot as simple as possible. Every gambler without exception will be able to understand the principles of action. The application has a high level of democracy. It is suitable for beginners and users with some gaming experience.

How to get into the game

Before figuring out how to bet in JetX, you need to get to grips with the nuances of running the game. It’s actually quite simple. The gambler needs to:

  1. Select the casino where the specified simulation is presented. Find the development by name.
  2. Register on the website. Filling in a simple form is usually sufficient for this. If necessary, you may need to confirm your phone number or email. The function is optional, some operators do not pay attention to it.
  3. Click on the cashier section and recharge by any convenient method.
  4. Find a slot in the company lobby. It’s convenient to search through the name or provider.
  5. Hover your cursor over the preview (picture of the slot), click on Play.
Screenshot of JetX at Pin-Up Casino

Screenshot of JetX at Pin-Up Casino

The site will load the slot, after which the person can start betting. The simulation gets a lot of attention from the public. Therefore, the game is often on the list of the most popular ones. This makes it easy to find. The casino can also put the emulator on the main navigation bar.

How to play JetX

The simulation is available in a basic and a test period. To use the basic version, you need to make an initial investment in the casino. Now for the pros. You don’t have to figure out how to put money on JetX separately. The slot counter is integrated with the casino balance. The player’s funds will be displayed in the corresponding part of the navigation bar. The screenshot shows an example in the demo version.

There is a similar situation with the withdrawal of winnings. There is no need to read separately how to withdraw money from JetX. All prizes are immediately credited to the client’s main balance.

Wallet balance in the JetX game

Wallet balance in the JetX game

Placement of bets

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to understand how to play JetX. You can bet on the next round as soon as the plane starts. The betting procedure can be completed before the passengers have finished boarding. To do this, you need to:

  1. Enter the desired numerical value in the “Rate” field. You can use the “Minus”, “Plus” buttons.
  2. Confirm the action by clicking on “Make your bet”.
  3. If necessary, perform the same action on the next block.
Betting field in JetX

Betting field in JetX

Pressing the red cancel button will quit the game. It will remain active until the start of the next round. Exiting can be done without financial loss. The slot returns the funds in full.

As the plane takes off, the multiplier report begins. Pressing the green button will allow the player to lock in his winnings. On the main field, the slot shows the size of the current multiplier. Through the green button, it will be possible to find out the potential profit.

The take home winnings button on Jetix

The “take home winnings” button on Jetix

Process automation

If you want, you can even figure out how to play JetX without wasting time. To do this, you need to use the automation feature of the process. Auto mode can be put on betting and withdrawal of winnings. The software will bet on the game by itself, taking the prizes when the board reaches the desired height.


Type Value
Minimum game size 0.1 credits
Maximum game size 100 credits
Minimum multiplier for auto withdrawal 1.35

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After this article, there should be no questions about how to play JetX. The simulator has an intuitive interface. It’s easy to play for beginners and seasoned gamblers alike. The mechanics of the process are easy to understand.

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