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The game JetX is an example of successful crash simulation. The player gets a chance to control the process. A person chooses the size of the bet, the time of the end of the round. This allows optimizing the process, applying different strategies. Positive JetX reviews are very common. Negative comments could not be found. Let’s get to know users’ opinions in more detail.

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (based on 76 ratings)

Reviews of the game Jetix
  • The ability to control the gameplay.
  • Variability in betting (allows the use of different money management models).
  • Simplicity of the rules.
  • High-quality drawing.
  • Possibility to automate the game (bets, withdrawal of prizes).
  • Availability of additional bet for safety net.
  • Optimization for mobile devices.
  • Demo version of the game.
  • The appliance has a fixed RTP.

JetX has definitely become one of my favourites

JetX falls in love because of its unique mechanics and graphics. It's a very interesting game. However, I can't help but mention here a new game from Evolution Gaming - Funky Time. The mechanics of the game itself and its live play make Funky Time really fun. To take your mind off JetX I recommend it!

May 27, 2023

Slot’s OK, no money down

I became acquainted with Jetix recently, after watching a clip on one of the bloggers. In principle, the slot is OK, it doesn’t throw away any money. What I like is that with real bets, pure randomness is maintained. The aeroplane may at the start to burst, and may fly up to x9 and above. There’s no such thing that you raise on the demo, and after real investment, it’s like a dummy’s whisper. JetX game is reliable, but a lot depends on luck. I’m still looking for the perfect tactic for betting, but I feel it’s better to play on random. It’s more reliable and convenient.

September 10, 2022

For some people, JetX helped me close one loan

For some people, JetX helped me close one loan. Of course, I don’t plan to quit my job and go into the pros, but I play that way when I need money for something unexpected. At that rate, it’s all right. I’m afraid it will drag on, and I won’t get any more pleasure out of it.

September 13, 2022

I’ll tell you straight up – pure random.

JetX is a reliable slot game. For me money is not an end in itself, I come to casinos to have fun. I get more adrenaline from it than from the slots. It’s all kind of blunt. You click on the spins and wait to see what comes out. Here, it’s a thrill. You have to guess when to take the cream off, when it’s better not to bet at all. I tried to keep stats on the odds once. I’ll tell you straight away it’s pure randomness. So rounds I miss purely on intuition. This is difficult to convey, I advise to play a month, watch closely and then only bet. P. S. For beginners, one recommendation: play for real money at once. The demo is, but it is about nothing. Neither get high, nor earn. By the way, there won’t be such a sense of the game, the selection of strategies, the accuracy of actions.

September 15, 2022

I have over 3 years’ experience in slots and crashes

I’ve read a lot of reviews about JetX and decided to leave my own in the background. I have more than 3 years of experience in slots and crashes, so I have a lot to compare it with. I’ll start by listing the pros:

  1. The slot gives you a raise. It may be subjective here, but high odds drop more often in JetX than in JetX.
  2. Can play from different devices. The program is available on smartphones. I myself have a mid-budget Xiaomi and play without lags. Never once anything hangs, no throwing out of the application.
  3. I can use different schemes. I usually use Martingale, but you have to be more careful with it. I should be more careful with Martingale. Especially for beginners. I don’t like this model either; you just sit there and place your bets on automatic. If I want to play for fun, I load a little and catch big odds.

In my review of JetX, I would like to give a small warning. Never use left signals. I don’t know how to use them, but they are too much. I also got burnt by them at first, I was young and green. So just experience – all these “sellers” down the drain. Better to play yourself.

September 18, 2022

JetX – an example of successful crash simulation

A great slot for beginners and pros alike. JetiX game is reliable, checked with special software, all action on developer’s server. No scripted variants found in any of the casinos. I have a good chance to get x20-x30 once a week. In general happy, I play almost every day. Of the minuses I can only name the lack of bonuses. It would be nice if the casino has developed a program specifically for this slot. While on this do not have to count.

September 20, 2022

Strategies in Jetix do not always work

Jetix may seem like a boring game at first glance, but interest awakens after a few flights. But particularly emotional people should be cautious. The game’s strategies may not always work, and the plane will explode almost immediately after take-off. Be prepared, it’s very annoying

October 9, 2022

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